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Shakun Amma

Shakun Amma

On April 16, 2018, Shakun Amma, an elderly woman without a place to live who was living on the streets and begging for food, was in very poor health. She had been unwell for a lengthy 15 days when her family abandoned her to fend for herself. Shakun Amma was lying on the ground by the side of the road in terrible condition when Mrs Mamta Sharma, the founder of the Sangi Mitan Seva Sansthan, came by. Taking good care of her, by the team. In consultation and check-ups, the doctors explained that her illness is brought on by malnutrition and climate change. Shakun Amma had decent housing and was provided top-notch treatment. The recovery process from that situation took 27 days. She was quite content with the atmosphere at the Sanstha. She used to participate in all of Sanstha’s activities and programmes and was quite nice.


Shakun Amma was first apprehensive and worried when she entered the Sangi Miitan Sewa Sansthan. She had numerous questions regarding the services given to her, including how much they would charge for all of the amenities. The team informed her about the Sansthan, she was terrified, and it took her two to three days to get over it. She had given up on ever having a happy life again. She no longer had any drive to live. 


All of the staff and volunteers did everything they could to keep her inspired. To keep her expectations up, they used to organise a lot of activities and skits. She eventually restored her lost confidence after some time.


She was really pleased on the one hand, but she also used to tell us how much she missed her son and grandchild. We collected some leads by asking her about her relatives. after searching for them for ten months, we finally found them. We informed them of Shakun Amma’s conditions and requested that they come to meet her, but they refused. Later, we got in touch with Shakun Amma’s daughter and informed her of Shakun. She agreed to come and meet her. We then planned a surprise for her that resulted in tears falling from everyone’s eyes. Shakun was soon brought to her house by her daughter. Shakun Amma made a promise to visit Sansthan anytime she needed it to Sangi Mitan on January 30, 2021, as they bid her farewell.

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